Detroit Maps - Download Smart Bus Maps and Tourist Guides. アプリのレビュー

Spam. Beware! You have been warned.

Spam. Beware! You have been warned.


Two times I tried downloading this app and both times it said it could not finish downloading. Now I'm trying to write a review and the review keeps disappearing that's not working right

Just like everyone said!

Since its 3 yrs later looking @ some of the reviews I was hoping this app would work NOPE! Don't waste your time or energy downloading this app. It gives you links to websites & they won't download! 😡

not what i was hoping for

i was hoping for a library of maps and schedules, but its just a bunch of links to other websites. not helpful for my ipod-touch. also has ads until you pay for it

Detroit maps

Would not load. Tried several times


Non working! A piece of junk!

  • send link to app